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Air EX-Changers – ACHE

Air exchangers are pressure vessels which cools circulating fluid within fin fan tubes that force air over the tubes. These ex-changers increase plant efficiency and provide an environmentally sound solution compared to other types of exchangers.

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Fin Fan Coolers

Fin Fan is a coined term that refers to a feature on air cooled heat exchangers used in refineries, petro chemical plants and other manufacturing facilities. Air coolers can be induced draft or forced draft with the most common being forced draft. Air moves as a result of large “fans” with varying “fin” configurations.

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Forced Draft – Induced Draft

Most air-cooled exchangers are forced draft which are easier to maintain. The fin fan tube bundle is mounted on top due to ease of removal/replacement. Forced draft air cooled heat exchangers require slightly less horse power moving less volume of air.

Induced draft have some advantage as they are not as susceptible to accidental warm air recirculation. Induced draft air coolers have high exhaust air velocity and do not have to support the tube bundle.

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