About Us

Heat Exchanger Manufacturers for over 50 years

We have been heat exchanger manufactures for over 50 years – experts in the engineering, design and manufacturer of Air Cooled Exchangers. R&R has created our own state-of-the-art ratings program. Our heat exchanger manufacturer program is written by the authorities on heat exchanger engineering—we DON’T use canned programs put out by software companies that don’t even know what air cooled exchangers are, much less what they are supposed to do.

Our team of experts in the heat exchanger industry, ensure our heat exchanger products are built to customer specification and offer the highest in manufacturing standards.

R&R designs and manufactures heat exchange coolers using quality domestic materials and employs standards of ASME - API - NACE - NATIONAL BOARD, as well as Canadian Registration and “LETHAL” service requirements.


  • Stainless Steel constructed sections for sour gas service
  • Oil field skids
  • Warm air recirculation systems
  • Custom designs for dimensional restrictions, or special applications
  • X-Ray and U.T. of header welds
  • Post weld heat treating
  • Manual or automatically operated shutters